Live Art Space Event, Ferens Art Gallery

2.30pm 1st November 2014

Hull HU1 3RA


Compass are very pleased to be partnering with Ferens Art Gallery in Hull to host a one-day event of performance, history, memory andnarrative. We will be reviving the Live Art Space in the gallery – a hub for progressive and ground-breaking work at the end of the last century – with a programme that includes contributions from artists Patrick Coyle (London), Gillian Dyson (Leeds), lecturer Emily Wilczek (Lincoln), curator Helen Kaplinsky (London) and newly formed Hull-based collective On the Edge. The event aims to prompt discussions about experimental art projects in the area with an eye towards developing activity for Hull’s standing as Capital of Culture in 2017.


On the Edge are a recently formed group of artists, writers and academics researching the recent history of arts organisations and events in Hull with a focus on its significant grassroots creative community. The group are hoping to develop an online archive and resource of film, interviews and case studies and inviting artists to create new works in response to archival material. For their session

On the Edge will give a presentation of progress to date with chance for discussion and feedback.

Gillian Dyson has a history with the Live Art Space at Ferens Art Gallery, as Hull resident, audience, curator and performer. She offers a ‘performative response’ to the space: re-inhabiting works that have taken place there. Gillian is interested in asking attendees “what memorable live performance work do you recall seeing at the Ferens Art Gallery?” that will inform the performance.

Patrick Coyle presents the first in a series of new performances drawing on diverse references and personal anecdotes relating to his hometown of Hull. For this event, Coyle will develop recent writing about Philip Larkin, libraries and museums into a ‘guided tourk’ beginning at the Ferens Art Gallery and continuing through the city.

Emily Wilczek is a Lecturer at the University of Lincoln specialising in experimental approaches to sound and moving image. Her recent MRes thesis studied the role of artist-run initiatives in “marginal” cities and focused on Hull at the turn of the millennium (HTBA, the Kingston Rowing Club and Hull School of Art). Inspired by Hull’s DIY ethos, she also co-curates social cinema events (see

Helen Kaplinsky is an independent curator based in London. She will be presenting research from her Fellowship with the Contemporary Art Society that culminated in the exhibition 'Damn braces: Bless relaxes' at Whitechapel Gallery and MIMA  (2013-2014). The research focused on the relationship between art schools and public collections across the East-coast of England, including first access to the Hull Time Based Arts archive at the Live Art Archive, University of Bristol.


The event starts at 2.30pm at the Live Art Space in the Ferens Art Gallery

Places are free, to book please email