We're very excited at Seven. We've a new venture, 5 shows between Tuesday 3 May and Saturday 25 June, bringing a short season of contemporary theatre from artists and companies of high quality that tour internationally.

The first of these, Action Hero – A Western on Tuesday 3 May 8pm, is extra special as it is taking place in the 'saloon' bar at Seven. Action Hero reclaims this chaotic half-arsed Western as their own, and celebrate the failure of generic heroes, cheap whores and the all American idol.

On Friday 27 May, 8pm, in a warm, accessible & witty performance, The Ethics of Progress, Unlimited Theatre’s artistic director, Jon Spooner explains superposition, quantum entanglement and teleportation with the aid of B movies and an orange.

Nine Years ago two friends decided to see the world and as a gift they offered theatrical presentations to the people they met on their travels. Nine years and seven hundred performances later they have returned home, the journey is complete. We are pleased to present Lone Twin – Nine Years on Thursday 2 June, 8pm.

On Thursday 9 June, 8pm, we present Stacy Makishi – The Making of Bull: The True Story. This is a story that concisely jumps and skims from one thing to another, goes back and then forward again, to end, to resume and then finally end for real. Massively enjoyable romp.

The season ends on Saturday 25 June, 8pm, with Kings of England – I Belong to This Band. This is a shifting collective of musicians and other performers who come together to perform a set-list of songs, stories, and dances in celebration of the Folk Traditions of the British Isles.

If you are interested in supporting high quality performance at Seven, please come along. Tickets are £10 per performance or £40 for all 5. Buy tickets by calling Seven at 0113 2626777 or in person at Seven Bar.

Annie Lloyd