May round-up.

What's Eating Reality?                    

Leeds International Festival 2019 

We would like to thank all those involved in What’s Eating Reality, our Digital Arts and Food Justice Forum event by Maya Chowdhry delivered as part of Leeds International Festival. It was incredibly interesting and insightful to hear from Viv Taylor: Head of Product at Olio, Behla Hutchinson: Coordinator at Hyde Park Source, and Megan Blake: Senior Lecturer in Geography at the University of Sheffield and author of the blog GeoFoodie, about the ways we can make a difference as individuals. The evening will help inform future projects, including a full-scale performance meal next year with Maya, but also was an excellent opportunity to be better connected with Leeds surrounding the topic of food justice. Keep your eyes peeled for future events!

Maya Chowdry will be part of a panel discussion, Food Matters, on Tuesday 11th June, at Sheffield Doc Festival. Join artist Maya Chowdhry, community food expert, Mama D and food researchers to explore revelations, contradictions and journeys around food, where it comes from and how it

nourishes us. Tickets here!

Artist Development Bursaries

Compass is delighted to announce the artists for our development bursaries!

The following successful candidates are: 

China Duke 

Matt Allen 

Alice Bradshaw 

Nicole Murmann

These bursaries will support local artists with an emerging interest in socially engaged or participatory arts practices. The scheme will also extend our festival focus and allow Compass to invest in retaining local talent.