LIVE ART BISTRO TAKEOVER: a building of community


Live Art Bistro is hosting an evening of performance at Holy Trinity Church Leeds 21st November, as part of the COMPASS FESTIVAL 2014. We are keen to show a wide range of work from emerging artists working across the North of England. All the pieces selected will sit alongside each other in an open and informal space where audience are free to encounter it in their own way. LAB is looking for Live Art works that captivate, challenge, disrupt or activate their audience. From end-on, 1to1, promenade, participatory, workshop, spectacle and everything in between we want to create a celebratory event that embraces the potential for community to form under the roof of Holy Trinity Church.


Deadline for applications: Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Please note: There are no fees for artists presenting ideas as part of Live Art Bistro Takeover: a Building of Community, however expenses will be provided in consultation with the festival team, depending on the requirements of each work.



Live Art Bistro (LAB) is an artist led curatorial project based in Leeds. The aim of LAB is to support and develop Live Art practices for the benefit of artists, audiences and community groups and to explore alternative models of cultural production, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. LAB aims to be reflective of and responsive to the needs of artists working within Live Art and Contemporary Performance both on a local and national level.

LAB is currently in residence at Enjoy Artspace, Mabgate, Leeds and for one night only will occupy Holy Trinity Church. The long term aim of LAB is to open a permanent and dedicated venue for Live Art practice in Leeds.