In November 2014 we will produce the second Compass Festival of Live Art in Leeds

Compass Festival 2014 will be a city festival of new and existing works by outstanding local, national and international artists whose practice is based in public engagement.

Our mission is to break down barriers to participation. We support artists who are breaking boundaries moving out of or working differently in venues making work that is directly engaged in public interaction and involvement.

At the centre of the Festival is a FREE programme of events in public settings celebrating Live Art in the public realm and socially engaged practice. Work may take place in any setting for any duration, although we are especially interested in works of long duration.

In your proposal please indicate the conditions you require. Be aware that we have £750 as a budget to realise each work, to include all fees, travel and production expenses, so you will need to be sure you can achieve your aims with this.

Ideally you will be technically self-sufficient, but some production support will be offered by the Compass Team.

There will be assistants available to help your presentation and a technical manager overseeing the whole festival.

Please use the Entry Form button on the Proposals page to make a proposal.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday 17 April 2014.

Successful applicants will be informed on 12 May 2014.