Citizens Advise is a space to share our collective wisdom about the world. Empathy Museum is inviting everyone in Leeds to contribute their best advice to our collection – about anything and everything and to learn from each other.

Located in St Johns Centre Citizens Advise is open from the 19th of November, you can pop in anytime between 11am and 4pm. 

Each day at 2pm we will welcome ‘Expert Advisors’ to share their knowledge on all aspects of life.  

Saturday 19th Nov – Be

Explore ways to express your best authentic self through the art of upcycling and adornment.

‘Finding joy in midlife and celebrating the older, wider body’ 

Kath (Pudgekat to her followers) will join us virtually, live and direct from Brighton. She’ll be offering a Q&A and sharing hints and tips on ‘eclectic styling filled with colour & joy, plus additional silliness’. 


Sunday 20th Nov – Eat

Probe supermarket bargains and find out about rip off shockers! Explore healthy food, sneaky treats and dirty snacks.  + Win Prizes!

Hannah Ringham – founder member of shunt, infamous experimental theatre maker and baked bean expert will be hosting a very special quiz show exploring the cost of all the important things in our baskets and finding out exactly what people do with them. 

Monday 21st Nov – Shelter

Hunker down for winter armed with the facts about how to keep warm and keep costs down. 

Mark Foster will be our resident Green Doctor – on hand to help us learn how to stay warm, stay well, and save money on household bills.

Tuesday 22nd Nov – Commune

Delve into how to volunteer in your local community and all the amazing projects you could play a part in.

The Volunteer Centre Leeds will be joining us to share their expertise, give advice and answer your questions on all aspects of volunteering in your local community.

Wednesday 23rd Nov – Create

Express and celebrate your unique creative identity through drawing and writing.

Artist Jemima Spence and writer Sara Sherwood from write like a grrrl will be joining us to help everyone explore and find ways to express themselves creatively through drawing and writing. 

Thursday 24th Nov – Move 

Cast off your troubles and cares by joining our pop up mini party. Today’s advice is simple – DANCE!

The infamous Party People Projectcreators of ‘open dance floors for open minds’ will be throwing us a tiny but perfectly formed party. Guaranteed to make you feel better about anything really. 

Friday 25th November – Thrive

Emancipate your money and forge a new alliance with your finances. 

Our resident debt advice expert will be on hand to help you slay your financial demons and empower yourself with information that will put you back in control. 

We’ll also be exploring how to be a part of the ‘alternative economy’ – do you do a bit of gardening for your neighbour and they give you some cake in return? Then you’re already doing it.

Saturday 26th  – Love 

Whether it’s friends, biological or found family, romance, pets or chocolate, come and share the love.

We’ll have Tarot readings by Theatre Director/Maker Tyrrell Jones and opportunities to share the love you feel for your chosen famalam with photo opportunities and love letters. We’ll also be exploring the wonderful world of dating apps and offering each other advice on navigating these most choppy of digital waters.   

Sunday 27th Nov – Die

We’re all in it together so come and explore ways to think about and accept the inevitable. It might just make you feel better about being alive.

We will have a Death Cafe , offering a welcoming, informal discussion space hosting conversations about death and how we feel about it as well as Full Circle joining us who will explore how to be empowered, informed and prepared for a funeral – be it a loved one or even your own. 

Leeds Sangha group will offer both walking and seated guided meditation sessions. 

We will also have live ‘cosmic music’ through the medium of a theremin and a shamanic drum beamed in directly from the Universe between 12.30 and 1pm and 1.30pm  – 2pm.