Sarah Caputo & Brenda Unwin

1000 Handshakes

22/11/2018 – 24/11/2018 10am-7pm Leeds City Bus Station
Dyer St, Leeds LS2 7LA

For 3 days over the festival Sarah Caputo and Brenda Unwin will be collecting 1000 handshakes.

By placing a small piece of clay between the hands they will create a unique impression of a moment of communication between strangers. The handshake is a universal symbol of greeting, parting, agreement and acknowledgement. It’s a physical connection all the more significant in our contactless, virtual reality, hands-free world.

Their aim is to encourage interaction between people and create concrete evidence of a moment of communication between pairs of previous strangers.

Join us in the bus station as we put people in touch with each other and create thousands of new connections.

Sarah Caputo/Brenda Unwin

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