Popeye Collective - Freddie Yauner, Kiran Gill and Eddie Blake spent two weeks in Leeds with Compass last year.

They ate food, visited amazing places and took to the streets to search for the ‘Flavour of Leeds’.  They met farmers, chefs, market traders, locals young and old, charting personal histories, unpicking colonial pasts and how all of this can impact on our vision of culture, community, and ultimately, art.  And not forgetting how an extra portion of peas could sustain the planet for just a little while longer.

Leeds Mataar Masala

To mark this phase of the project, Popeye Collective produced a bespoke spice mix and custom  designed spice wrap which contains Leeds Mataar Masala spice mix, which will allows you to make  mushy pea Chaat, from a 49p can of peas.

Learn how to make your own.

Flavour of Leeds

What is the first flavour you would associate with Leeds, if any, and why? 

Popeye Collective would love to hear from you for the next part of otheir project – drop them an email at: hello@popeyecollective.org