After its premier at Compass Festival 2014, If You Go Away has relaunched and this is what people are saying about it.

Hannah Nicklin has written three critical responses to If You Go Away, by Invisible Flock, here is the second. A new one will come out next Friday. 

"I first played If You Go Away as the sun set over Leeds, on the Headrow, on the steps of Leeds Art Gallery. The sun burning sinking hydrogen umber.

The sun is beginning to set, one of those strange but beautiful skies we get these days

The app displays a place that represents the one you physically stand in, you move the screen and look around you and find – in a clean low poly style – landmarks and monuments: the sprawling trees, a cenotaph, a pile of rubbish. You take a moment to wonder how they so well made the rubbish in the game imitate the several extra bags leaning up against the Leeds City Council wastebin. The music is brassy – like a Big Band, but playing several streets away. You stand outside Leeds Art Gallery and a voice describes the square around you, describes the remnants of a party, describes drunk people staggering home."

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