Personal Shopper: a Kirkgate Market Mis-Guide

Personal Shopper: a Kirkgate Market Mis-Guide

Personal Shopper Book – Now On Sale

Back in November, over 1,300 people passed through the 'Personal Shopper: Cornucopia!' shop in the heart of Kirkgate Market and took one of 29 bespoke mis-guided tours of the market, created and led by the people who work and shop there. The project became a 'festival within a festival' and was the culmination of three years work in the market by artists Etheridge & Persighetti.

We're delighted that the project lives on through the publication of 'Personal Shopper – A Kirkgate Market Misguide.' Crafted by the artists in collaboration with Tim Jukes Design and with contributions from local writers Rommi Smith and Matthew Bellwood, this fantastic publication is a must have for any market aficionado or curious newcomer.

Artists Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti have teamed up with shoppers, traders and market enthusiasts to create a pick and mix selection of ways to navigate and explore the market as trading place, social space and playing space.

Whether you know the market like the back of your hand, or are visiting for the first time, this beautiful, full-colour book is an invitation to play, get lost, and find yourself in the wonderful labyrinth and sensorium that is Leeds Kirkgate Market.