Compass support The Lawrence Batley Theatre in their presentation of Forced Entertainment and other news from the region

Forced Entertainment in Huddersfield

Compass are very happy to have supported The Lawrence Batley Theatre in presenting Forced Entertainment's groundbreaking adaptation of the award winning novel by Ágota Kristóf

Set during World War II, The Notebook tells the story of a pair of twin brothers evacuated to their impoverished grandmother’s farm in order to shelter from the conflict.

Directed by Tim Etchells, The Notebook is an unraveling knot of naive logic, weaving dark and subversive humor from wartime hardships. Kristof’s narrational language – bold, crisp and reduced – provides the basis for a unique and compelling performance.

“Relentless and hypnotic”.

The Stage

Learn more about the show and watch the video trailers here 

Meanwhile across the region...

East Street Arts have developed a new cultural experience that seeks to answer the question; What if Artists Designed a Hostel? 

They are asking for support for artists making the most unique experience in Leeds' first ever social enterprise Art Hostel through their Crowd Funding campaign which you can find here


Our friends Fierce Festival in Birmingham are all set for 7 - 11 October. Remaining week-end Festival Passes available until Sunday 27 Sept

Invisible Flock

After its premier at Compass Festival 2014 Invisible Flock's If You Go Away has officially launched in 5 different cities including Leeds. A GPS powered art game for your city is ready to download 

Catching up with Invisible Flock's Mentees: Rommi Smith has written the poetic narration for the opening ceremony of The Rugby World Cup in Leeds. On the 25th of September the premiere of Collective Endeavour, a 300 strong performance spectacle, is being performed in Millennium Square. Tickets are free.

Catching up with Invisible Flock's Mentees: Ben Carlin's Epiphany VR is launching its first groundbreaking community performance, which has been made in collaboration with Age UK members, at Theatre Delicatessen in Sheffield next week.


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