We are thrilled and delighted to announce that our 2018 Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help keep Compass Festival free was successful!

We reached our target of £4,000 thanks to the generous contributions of 91 brilliant people. We want to thank them all.

Here are some of the champions who helped: Afreena Azaria, Alex Kelly, Alice Miller, Alice Owen, Anna Scrine, Barbara Swarbrick, Ben Walmsley, Bridie Moore, Clare Price, David Bell, David Nelson, Deborah Chadbourn, Dominic Sievewright, Gary Winters, Gemma Seltzer, George Lloyd-Burman, Gordon Johnston & Louise Jackson, Jackie Parsons, Jacqueline Gaile, Jane Kettle, Jane Storr, Jemima Yong, Jenny Lawson, Jenny Scott, Jonathan Pitches, Live Art Development Agency, Lourdes Orozco, Marie Millward, Mathew Bellwood, Matt Allen, Mick Connell, Mike Lloyd, Neil Mackenzie, Neil Main, Nick Tolhurst, Oliver Bray, Rachel Krische, Rhian Aitken,, Richard Higgins, Sarah Roe & Mark Flisher, Teresa Lloyd, Tim Shaw, Will Brocas, Yvonne Deane.