Do you love Kirkgate Market?
Would you like to be a ‘Market Mis-Guide’?
What does the market mean to you?

Personal Shopper is back in November 2016 with the culmination of Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti’s arts project that first set out in 2014 to explore and celebrate the network of relationships between shoppers, traders and goods in Kirkgate Market. 

For this final part of the project, we are looking for people who would like to share their personal perspective on Leeds Kirkgate Market, to join a group of ‘Market Mis-Guides’. 

You will work with Katie and Simon to create your own micro market tour! 

Your tour could focus on any aspect of the market i.e. architecture, how to find the best bargains, childhood memories, friends, market history, favourite stalls, recipes, etc. ‘Mis-Guiding’ is a playful and flexible approach to exploring and understanding places, that values the small but significant moments that shape our lives, as much as any ‘official’ histories. 

Whether your starting point is a shopping list, a particular stall, smell or story, Katie and Simon will help you develop your tour and share it with the public during Personal Shopper: Cornucopia! at Compass Live Art Festival 2016. The tours will also feature in a new Personal Shopper book.

The tours will run between 11th – 19th November 2016 from the Personal Shopper stall in the market. You will need to be available for a minimum of 2 half days during these dates, and also be able to take part in a couple of ‘market mis-guide’ sessions at Kirkgate Market in October and November. For full information on dates please contact us.

All ages are welcome and no previous experience is necessary. 

If you have a passion for the market, or for history, or for food, or for urban exploration, please get in touch!

For all queries about participating, including access requirements, please contact us:

Marie Millward