We are pleased to announce the full programme for the second Compass Festival, showcasing new and ground-breaking work by local and international live artists/




Since our first festival in 2011, we have been working to bring you this extraordinary collection of world class artists in well-known venues and on the city streets and neighbourhoods of Leeds, and will present 20 incredible events over 11 days; and all but 2 are FREE. Exhibitions, performances, installations, interactions, parties and provocations, all for you. You can drop in and out of many of the events, or come across them over extended periods during the Festival – no booking required.


However, take time to book for the ticketed events as capacity is limited and you won’t want to miss Forced Entertainment directing a chorus of children from Leeds telling it like it is, nor Kings of England’s father and son reconstructing poetic and heartbreaking incidents from their lives, or the inverted world of Negative Space by the ever-astonishing Reckless Sleepers on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th November. After the Friday performance, we would love you to join us at Gallery Munro House for our Festival Welcome drinks and a preview of the astounding We See Fireworks.

So whether you are recording a piece of knowledge with Quarantine for Between Us, We Know Everything, pouring your heart out with Brian Lobel, or voguing with Jade Pollard-Crowe, this is YOUR festival.

Let us know what you're seeing with via Twitter @compassliveart using #compass2014 and like us on Facebook. See future enewsletters for further highlights and announcements!