As an arts organisation that hosts artists throughout the year and delivers a biennial city wide arts festival we believe that it is our responsibility to embed sustainable practices into the work that we do.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint during the planning and delivery of Compass Festival. Working with sustainable suppliers, reducing waste and supporting artists to understand and reduce the carbon budget of creative projects. 


What Compass Already Does:

  • We encourage artists and audiences to travel by public transport. 
  • We use printers for our brochures who use recycled materials and we are careful not to print more than we use.
  • We recycle in the office and at events.
  • Many of the artists and art projects we commission are concerned with climate change helping to raise awareness among our audiences.
  • The building we work in has a sustainability action plan with targets to decrease energy use and we are members of the tenants’ group who have signed up to improving our individual and collective actions to decarbonise and recycle. 

Our Future Aims: 

  • All staff and trustees will undertake carbon literacy training.
  • We will conduct an audit of our activities using carbon calculator tools, so that we can calculate what our carbon footprint is.
  • We will produce an action plan with specific targets for reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Support and promote more sustainable travel options to our staff and audiences.
  • We will commit to using sustainable suppliers including hiring electric vans, using recycled materials and responsibly sourcing equipment.
  • Embed environmental themes and engagement into our programming.
  • We will collaborate with other tenants in our building and the building landlord to co-operate with building targets to reduce carbon emissions and share information about sustainable suppliers.