What’s Eating Reality?

Due to the current environment around coronavirus and the government advice to keep everyone safe, Leeds International Festival including our event What’s Eating Reality? is now postponed until further notice.

In the spirit of What’s Eating Reality? – all about the food justice movement, find out how to support food justice locally.


Be inspired by a delicious menu of seasonal, local and reclaimed food, expertly created by artist and chef Helen Russell Brown. Watch as the dining table comes alive with moving images of food production and commentaries from local food activists.

What’s Eating Reality? is an augmented feast, in which host and maitre’d Maya orchestrates dinner using performance and projection mapping to gently immerse you into a new reality - one in which the food you love may be in short supply.

A score of sonic seasoning has been composed by Caro C, who will perform live.

We live in a critical time for food, full of challenges. British households throw away 4.4 million tonnes of edible food a year. Thankfully, innovative growers have come up with solutions such as using discarded coffee grounds to grow mushrooms and dairies are powering homes with what would otherwise be wasted whey. 

This piece has been carefully curated to help you digest the journey your food has taken, from seed to plate through the lens of global food justice.  

Please Note: This event is postponed until further notice. Read the full Leeds International Festival statement here

Find out more about how to support the local food justice movement here