After 12 years at Compass Live Art we are saying goodbye to co-director Annie Lloyd.

Annie was one of the co-founders of Compass Live Art in 2010. Since then she has helped to produce 5 festivals, commission 76 artists and deliver 100s of events that have engaged with over 67,000 people in Leeds. 

A true champion of the Leeds art scene her legacy in the arts will continue to inspire artists, audiences and the Compass team. Her visionary work has delighted so many, leaving a huge positive impact on the creative landscape of the city. 

We are sad to see Annie leave but we wish her the absolute best over the coming years. 

A few words from Annie: 

It has been a great honour to help lead Compass over the last 12 years from a brief experiment to a visionary biennial festival. I’m proud of the work we have done, the wonderful artists we have supported and the incredible projects we have produced.

And I’m prouder still of the amazing colleagues who have made all that possible. A team of dedicated visionary producers who love artists, a truly supportive board, three inspiring cohorts of trainee producers and a host of national colleagues and cheerleaders from the live art sector at large.

Although I’ve lived, studied and worked in Leeds for more than 40 years, I feel I only really got to know the city through Compass. From the first pilot weekend festival in 2011 I was thrilled by the openness and generosity of the people who opened their doors and hearts to us. The custodians of public spaces, the venue managers, the thousands of audiences and hundreds of very special participants who made the work with us, leave me in no doubt that Compass sets a standard of community cohesion which deserves its place in the cultural landscape and will grow and thrive in years to come. Good luck to us all.