Pick Me Up (and hold me tight) is an invitation for collective listening, experienced through all working phone-boxes in Leeds. Created by award-winning theatre and gigital art company ZU-UK in response to rising suicide rates, the piece is designed to explore the tensions between modern life and our mental health.

All the working phone-boxes in Leeds will be ringing 19–28 March, at 11am daily. Pick up the phone to participate in a gentle but powerful audio experience about loneliness and the power of listening.


Find a phone box

To find participating phone-boxes in your local area, have a look at the interactive map on the Pick Me Up (& hold me tight) page. You can click on the phones to find out more info about their exact locations. You can even go on street view and have a look around if you’re not sure.


Take part in Pick Me Up (& hold me tight)

Once you have found a phone-box to visit, you just need to show up at the phone-box just before 11am on any day 19–28 March. The phone will ring for 30 seconds so don’t be late!

The piece can be experienced alone or in your bubble and can be done as part of your daily recreation. Make sure you stay local by finding a phone near you on the map.You can keep your mask on for the entire piece, and we advise you to bring hand sanitiser with you.


Having a problem?

From 19–28 March starting at 10:50am, you can call our live help desk on 08000 996 115, and we can help trouble-shoot any issues you may be having with accessing the piece.

If you have any questions about how to take part, accessibility or the content of the piece, drop us an email on info@compassliveart.org.uk