This year we have a curious and introspective programme of events in multiple locations across Leeds for your year of Compass Festival – and it’s all starting in your local phone-box.

From 19 – 28 March at 11am every day, all working public pay-phone in Leeds will be ringing for Pick Me Up (& hold me tight) – a collective listening experience by award-winning theatre and digital art company ZU-UK.

Pick Me Up (& hold me tight) can be done alone or in your bubble as part of your daily walk. Simply find your local phone-box on the interactive map and make your way there for 11am from 19–28 March. Pick up the phone to participate in the gentle audio experience, exploring the innate power of listening, and why it’s so important for everyone’s mental health.

You can also carry on the conversation with Compass Podcast, a series of four podcasts produced by Sable Radio, exploring Compass projects with artists and special guests. Don’t miss the first instalment The Making of Pick Me Up (and hold me tight) with ZU-UK on 26 March and enjoy the next three, coming out weekly.

We’ve also been enjoying sharing the photos by Samuel Ryde from his Telephone Booths series, showing the ordinary artefacts of everyday life and inviting us to reconsider the phone-box – a vanishing feature of our modern landscape.