Illustration by Alyce Wood, commissioned as part of Collaborate research 2023. 

In 2022, Compass Live Art began a research project alongside researchers Matthew Reason and Lauren Hall from York St John University, after being awarded a Collaborate research grant from the Centre for Cultural Value. 

We are now ready to share the findings of our research with you.  

Collaborate was launched in October 2021 to support the Centre for Cultural Value’s core aim of deepening understanding of the differences culture makes to people’s lives and to communities. Collaborate projects are driven by the real-world questions of the cultural sector. They provide opportunities to test new methodologies, explore and more deeply understand cultural practice and to communicate cultural value more effectively. 

We were interested in exploring what co-creation means to us, as well as the artists and participants we are working with now and have worked with in the past. Together, through a series of workshops, discussions and walking interviews, we answered questions surrounding co-creation and the idea of ‘Making With’.

To see our full findings please follow the link here.