Public House

Modelled on the dimensions of the unique fermenting vessel made famous by Tetley’s Brewery, The Yorkshire Square was reimagined by artists Katie Etheridge & Simon Persighetti (Small Acts) as a four-sided Pop-up-Pub serving brews and views from across Leeds. The four sided structure contained two working bars and over 9 days they invited the public to explore the idea that the pub of the future has many faces.

This project clearly had profound impact and legacy on those that took part, who felt that their voice was truly heard throughout the entire creation. Their relationships with the artists was strong and they felt trusted, but also supported by Katie & Simon. Although the final performance was designed by Katie & Simon, different organisations and communities came to together collaboratively to successfully run the Public House. After this temporary performance, participants began to rally as a community to build their own permanent community pub within Kirkgate Market.  

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