Photo by Lizzie Coombes

Playtesting ZU UK's Radio Europa

What a wonderful two weeks we had in November, hosting the delightful ZU-UK, Gareth Fry and Colombian duo Nueve Voltios in Leeds. During their residency, ZU-UK worked out of Studio 81 to workshop the play test of Radio Europa. An interactive work that asked us to re-imagine ourselves, others and the world around us. There was dress up, there was a lot of playing, and there were glow sticks. If you were one of the lucky few who joined us at Studio 81, you'll know that bone conducting headphones are the strangest, yet coolest, way of listening. And it didn't stop there, we got to play with cameras, wacky sound equipment and projection – led by the wonderful Nueve Voltios.

We're so excited to see what's to come in 2020.

Cheers! for Public House

Casting our minds back to October, we had the pleasure of hosting Etheridge & Persighetti again in Leeds for ten days of exploring pubs, brewing, communality and place-making in Leeds.Throughout their stay, Simon and Katie worked with various people including landlords, regular, brewers, sober societies, Tetley Pensioners and young people from all over Leeds.  The residency culminated in a great evening at Nomadic Brewery with a “mash” and spoon race, sampling beers brewed in an aristic exchange between Leeds and Penryn and a sneap peek into how Public House will develop in 2020.    

Yor Shout, the beer brewed during the residency is currently on tap in the Rose and Crown in Bradford. Pop down for a very tasty beer and send us a picture if you do!

Finding Museums in People's Homes

We've also had a fantastic year with artist Joshua Sofaer exploring the hidden world of Leeds' collectors. Joshua spent his time in Leeds meeting with people who collect odd and unusual items that might normally be disregarded. Joshua heard stories about what they collect, how they collect them, and why they do it. From novelty tooth picks to tiles stripped from houses bulldozed for the inner ring road, he's seen it all. Hell be back in the new year seeking out new collectors and be

We're still on the look out for collectors. So if you know anyone who might fancy a cup of tea with Joshua in the new year, drop us an email on!