Every two years in November we get ready to animate the city of Leeds with interactive live art projects in public spaces. After missing last November, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re back –  but we’re doing things a little bit differently!

Join us for six thought provoking, moving and playful projects, starting in this and continuing throughout the year.

A sonic artwork under a bridge, the city’s smallest gay bar, a reimagined retro arcade game and a collective listening experience where every phone-box in Leeds rings at the same time – there is plenty to go around! Our year long programme largely takes place outside and can be explored alone, in small groups or from home.

26 March – 16 April

Compass Podcast 

19 – 28 March

Pick Me Up (& hold me tight) by ZU-UK

Throughout the year:

One in, One out: Leeds’ Smallest Gay Bar by Lucy Hayhoe

Anxiety Arcade by Closed Forum

The Ballad of Crown Point Bridge by Amy Sharrocks

Museums in People’s Homes by Joshua Sofaer

Public House: The Yorkshire Square by Etheridge & Persighetti (Small Acts)