We are delighted to announce that Compass has been shortlisted for the the Collaborate Fund. 


Collaborate is a new fund to support the development of collaborative research projects between the cultural sector and academic researchers. Successful projects will contribute to deeper understanding of the differences culture makes to people’s lives and to the range of research methodologies used to explore cultural value.


The Research 

We would like to explore what impact our model of co-creation has on the lives of community participants. Does the level of agency affect the level of impact? You can read our proposal here. 

We are looking for researchers sympathetic to qualitative research, able to engage with participants in a personable manner with skills to elicit information without interrogation, checklists and questionnaires. Meeting participants on their own ground. Speaking in simple language. Considering social events and dinners, for example, as a means of learning what participants think.

Applications are now open and the deadline is the 26 January 2022.