Photo: Jonathan Turner

Invisible Flock

If You Go Away – Chapter One

19/11/2014 – 23/11/2014 Wed-Fri: 4.30pm–9pm, Sat & Sun: 1pm-6pm Everyman Cinema
Trinity Leeds Albion Street, LS1 5AT

The fantastical story of Olive, a journey through her past, a search for lost things and the people who haunt the corners of her memory. Created for your own smartphone or tablet, If You Go Away offered an alternative lens through which to see and affect your city, played as a single 1hr experience or dipped in and out of over a longer period of time. Inspired by point and click adventures and French cinema, the story unfolded as you explored the physical geography of Leeds, inviting you to choose how to encounter Olive’s world.


Invisible Flock – If You Go Away Trailer from Invisible Flock on Vimeo.

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