Reckless Sleepers

Negative Space

13/11/2014 – 14/11/2014 7.30pm stage@leeds
University of Leeds LS2 9JT

Compass Festival burst into life with the world premiere of Reckless Sleepers' astonishing new show – Negative Space. The UK/Belgium based company renowned for beautifully bold, intelligent and hilarious work are determined get to the bottom of things. Constructing their set before our eyes, a white box, a box for their ideas, ideas that can't be contained. The set, a set of rules that are bent and tested quite literally to destruction. The fur will fly and walls will come down. Indefinable… 

A sequel to the extraordinary Schrodinger. Rarely do gripping physicality, mesmerising visuals, ritual and poetry come together so completely as they do with Reckless Sleepers in this world premiere. On stage is a white room: it might be upside down, they’re not sure. There are hatches and doors, comings and goings. Laws are made, bent then broken. We’re never far from chaos and often astonished by the beauty that pierces the ever-frantic attempts to make meaning.

“That  black  box  might  well,  in  the  final  analysis,  be  a  metaphor  for  the  mind,  but  it  is  also  a  space  for  gripping  physical  theatre.” 

The Guardian (on Schrodinger)

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