Art of Sound

In 2020, artists Amy Sharrocks and Tom Hackley invited a group of 16-25 year olds to create a one minute sound piece that encapsulated their relationship to the waterways in Leeds. Exploring the link between our industrial heritage and the present day. After hearing the responses Tom and Amy incorporated elements of these recordings into The Ballad of Crown Point Bridge, a sonic artwork installed under a bridge for Compass Festival 2021. The Art of Sound Workshop was presented by Ignite Yorkshire, The Geraldine Connor Foundation, Compass Festival and The Museum of Water. Below are their responses:
Alice Disken 

The Majority of the audio for my piece was recorded at St Aidans nature reserve and the segment of the River Aire as well as the Aire and Calder Navigation which runs next to it. I was intrigued by the interactions the water had with people and wildlife which i hope to have captured in the piece. The journeys the water has taken as well as its future ones also fascinated me. Some of the water recorded in the piece will have travelled under Crown Point Bridge itself. The workshop was one of my first times experimenting with the art of sound and it inspired me to use sound and water in someof the work I made during my art foundation course at Leeds Arts University which I have just finished.

Benjamin Campbell

My artist career consists of being a tutor, a fine artist and curator, my current interests are connected to the ideas of public immersion from the Arts from painting classes to immersive gallery works. 

I am a multi discipline Fine Artist spanning but not limited to print, sculpture, and painting. Studying at Leeds Arts University I gained a first class honours then onto winning the Artist in Residence there. Currently I am a studio holder at Assembly House studios situated in Leeds and a Artnight Artist. 

Jamie Minto

Jamie is an Edinburgh-born graduate of the University of Leeds and has continued to live in the city soaking up the vast amount of culture it has to offer. He will be returning to work at The Wire club on Call Lane once COVID restrictions are eased and he regularly DJs around the city as well as putting on his own events to showcase local talent. For this project, he wanted to combine the rich history of Leeds underground club culture (especially that of the West Indian centre’s dub sound-system parties) with the sound of water. He wanted to translate the rhythm and timbre of water samples into the sounds of dark, late night venues found around the city.

Sol Collins

Hi, I’m Sol a Musician and Bassist currently studying Music at Calderdale College. I created this piece with Logic Pro X using several different water sounds recorded at home, at the park and beside the river. I built this up into a soundscape, overlaying the different effects on top of each other and then weaving them into the main melody to create a mood piece that I hope encapsulates the nature and feeling of water in movement. You can find more of my music on my Bandcamp:

Elle Money 

I recorded the sound effects in my piece in a few areas across Leeds. I recorded the rain and wind outside my house in Hyde Park, the echoes of the water rushing in Granary Wharf and the Dark Arches, as well as the river outside behind Leeds station. I experimented with reverb and layering sounds on audacity to give the piece a cold, industrial feel as well as making it sound textured and visceral. I’m a performance designer and producer from Hull, currently working at Compass Live Art as a Young Producer. 

Amelia Recci
I currently study Fine Art and the direction I’m moving towards is installation/film based. Sound is potentially one of the most organic forms of art and in an area i have always been too scared to experiment with due to my lack of understanding. But I must overcome this fear to progress my practise, In particular using soundscapes when displaying work is something I feel my work needs to do.
Mordecai Weinberg

I have been interested in sound engineering for many years and am looking to make it my career. I have worked on the soundest for a new life theatre & circus performances I also have experience with recording interviews with the public

Isaac Darby-Vinci
I go to Leeds college of music on Saturdays. I have started trying to teach myself to mix these few months. I’m Influenced by a mix of Pavement, MBV and Beck. During Lockdown I Have released two demo albums (on Spotify) “Voices” and “Monster Natural Bivouac”.
This project was made possible by Ignite Yorkshire which is supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund

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