19/11/2016 – 20/11/2016 Sat 19 Nov 11am–5pm Sun 20 Nov 11am–4pm Leeds Corn Exchange
Call Lanel, LS1 7BR

Life can be complex; beautiful and mysterious in equal measure. When you are alone at night, do you ever think ‘What am I? What is this earth, this air, this sky? How does the world turn, how do the stars burn, what happens after we die?’ Most of the time, these kind of musings cannot be answered. However, Felicity has been searching and may have found a solution!  She wants to help answer your deepest questions… with the aid of live chickens.

Inspired by the Etruscans, a little documented, ancient Italian civilization who believed there existed a stream of signs and symbols present in everyday or mundane phenomena. They practised unusual forms of divination in which they found fortunes from thunderclouds, the flight of birds, the singing of frogs… and chickens!

So, enter the chicken temple with your innermost questions. The chickens may not have all the answers. Perhaps none! But, how joyful a thing it is to hope that maybe, just maybe they do?



Lower ground floor of Leeds Corn Exchange.


With thanks to Orchard Care Homes, Equal Arts and their HenPower Project


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