Starting from the 23rd of November head over to  Leeds Kirkgate Market and enjoy some  dumplings on us!  

From 12-2.30pm each day grab your free bag of hot sweet dumplings cooked by Jenny’s  served in a bespoke takeaway bag with the HUNGRY GHOSTS stories included.

Delve into the  experimental  food stories  and storytelling  written  by three local artists Alexah Tomey-Alleyne, Leah Francis and Sharon Watson specially created for HUNGRY GHOSTS. These are experimental stories paying tribute to a Black Caribbean Matriarch in their life that left an important imprint on them in the way they interacted with food, cooking and/or ingredients and also available in the vending machine daily across Compass Festival –  in the center of the food hall. The dumplings pay  tribute to long journeys to see family and the side dishes  that you can’t do without. 

You can also join us on Saturday 26th Nov for a collaboration between Compass Festival Projects ‘HUNGRY GHOSTS’ & ‘Satellite’  as  Festival Of Festival teams up with ‘Duh Yuh Read me?’ grab your tasty dumplings  and find us in the Satellite space for original work and  performance by Musufing Whyles with dumplings served 11-4pm. 

With special thanks to Jenny’s Jerk Chicken and the team and vendors at Leeds Kirkgate Market 

Further information

For Festival Of Festival please approach Jenny’s food stall – this is in the food hall in Kirkgate Market and ask for HUNGRY GHOSTS festival – this is not on the menu as it is being cooked specifically for this event . This is the only free food offered – pricing is available for other food on the menu. 

Compass Stewards will be on site from 12-2pm daily to support you in accessing the free sweet dumplings  and using the Vending Machine if you’d like to do so for additional publications.

Satellite information here. 

Allergens available on request from Jenny’s Jerk Chicken  staff